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XB-60 NP-3, Olympus, Accessories


Analog microcasette (MC-60)
  • 60 minutter
  • Fysisk dikteringslager
  • Op til 120 minutter

XB-60 NP-3 Microcassette

{Dictation and mobile voice recording was revolutionised decades ago with analogue microcassettes like the Olympus XB-60. Since Olympus - as the market leader for mobile voice recorders - decided to go for the benefits of digital dictation, analogue microcassettes are not longer produced by Olympus.

Main benefits of digital dictation:
- Best sound quality
- Suitable for speech recognition software
- High data security due to file encryption and backup options
- Immediate transfer (e.g. email) of recordings to recipients without additional costs
- Etc.

Disadvantages of analogue dictation with cassettes:
- High costs for storing (cassettes and storage room) and transfer
- Transfer takes time and cassettes can get lost
- Very limited recording time
- Recording quality is becoming worse over time
- Rewinding and forwarding takes a lot of time
- Deleting is very complicated
- Etc.

Olympus provides a vast variety of digital recorders for multiple purposes like professional dictation, sound, voice and audio conference recording. Check this website out to find the most suitable digital solution for you.}


  • 60 min. ved en båndhstighed på 2.4 cm/ sek.
  • 120 min. ved en båndhastighed på 1.2 cm/ sek.