Prepare to Be Amazed

Olympus 4K and 3D imaging systems sit at the forefront of surgical imaging, offering amazing visibility and outcomes. Yet achieving such incredible detail creates the need to manage, integrate, and share a large amount of data, both inside and outside the operating room (OR).

Get Connected with Olympus 4K and 3D Integration: With Olympus 4K and 3D integration, there is state-of-the-art equipment available to handle high-quality images and videos (now and in the future).

Olympus Imaging with Olympus ENDOALPHA: ENDOALPHA, our latest state-of-the-art control and video management solution, already incorporates 4K and 3D devices for intuitive and seamless integration.

Bring All the Little Details Together

Simple, Touch-Screen Navigation: The ENDOALPHA HomeScreen provides a convenient, intuitive OR control, which harmonizes all OR hardware and software and takes control of all OR devices. Olympus SmartGuide navigation allows staff to rotate in and out without any cumbersome setup time or need for extensive training.

Intuitive and Fast Control: Integrate the entire OR with 4K and 3D imaging, which makes it easy to switch between 4K, 3D, and HD. Olympus SceneSelection allows easy preset and procedure selection, which improves operation time, reduces stress, and limits errors. The innovative touch screen and voice control provide direct control of settings outside the surgical environment.

Connect so Much More with so Much Less

Simple Video Management: Transforming ORs into multimedia hubs by recording and streaming videos to improve collaboration and teaching throughout the hospital.

Flexibility Made Simple: More details and more data often mean a need for more of everything. But Olympus 4K and 3D integration requires a lot less than expected – less cabling, less space, and less confusion. In fact, Olympus integration requires just one type of cable per device and, through ENDOALPHA, just one moment to plug it in.

Connect More – Plug and Play: Olympus integration utilizes Smart Detection so new equipment is recognized the moment it is attached. No manual setup is required because the ENDOALPHA system automatically detects the equipment and sends the right signal.

Assistance from Design to Installation

Olympus ENDOALPHA provides a range of products and services to help hospitals achieve state-of-the-art ORs.

  • Ergonomically tailored work space for your team and procedural needs
  • Focused on enhancing efficiency and satisfaction
  • Convenient one-point contact with your personal ENDOALPHA Project Manager
  • Total support from initial planning to installation, ensuring a smooth and successful process

See It Yourself

Are you interested in ENDOALPHA Operating Room Integration? Request a live demonstration and an Olympus consultant will contact you.

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