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Changing the Way You See Things

The ORBEYE orbital camera system is a next-generation product for conducting surgical microscopy. A 4K 3D camera mounted on a flexible semirobotic arm, an ultrafast image processor and an LED light source enable more accurate surgery by visualizing the most minute tissue structures in true 4K 3D imaging quality. ORBEYE is suitable for various disciplines such as neurosurgery, ENT and many more.

What if…

  • a heads-up posture during surgery could eliminate the discomfort of using a traditional microscope?
  • you could see anatomical structures in the clarity of true 4K imaging with the realistic depth perception of advanced 3D visualization on a large surgical screen?
  • your surgical team could see the same image and participate more effectively in surgery?
  • your microscopy system were plug and play, easy to transport, position and drape, and ready to use in just minutes?

Learn how the ORBEYE can revolutionize your surgical microscopy.

Precise Images for Seeing More Anatomical Details and Tissue Structures

See anatomical details with four times the resolution of standard HD imaging while experiencing true depth perception with natural 3D visualization to reliably identify tissue boundaries, blood vessels and lesions via a larger color range.

  • Agile autofocus and optical and digital zoom — up to 26 times magnification, providing ample magnification flexibility.
  • No image latency — zero delay between the movement of your instruments and the 4K 3D image.
  • 4K 3D imaging chain — ORBEYE imaging components form a harmonious chain that are fine-tuned to deliver the best possible 4K 3D image.

Bright Observation Modes

The ORBEYE 4K 3D orbital camera system offers three different observation modes aimed at improving surgical workflow in vascular surgery, glioma neurosurgery and superficial tumor detection.

More Comfortable and Natural Working Posture

Untether yourself from the traditional ocular-lens-based microscopes and experience a more ergonomic and more comfortable heads-up posture while operating. ORBEYE’s small and flexible optical unit can facilitate multiple surgical positions without compromising your posture or causing discomfort.

  • Freedom from traditional ocular-lens-based microscopes.
  • Ample space to operate.
  • Multiple surgical positions due to small and flexible optical unit.

Operative Efficiency and Educational Advantages

ORBEYE enables you to work side by side with your assistant in the same orientation, which optimizes the workflow for multiple surgeons. It ensures an immersive experience for the entire surgical team due to its big screen 4K 3D imaging, which facilitates teamwork, surgical training and better anticipation of the surgical steps by the team.

Interview with Prof. Jan Regelsberger, M.D.

In this video, Prof. Jan Regelsberger, M.D. Neurosurgeon and Vice Chairman of the Department for Neurosurgery at the University Medical Center in Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany, shares his experience of using the Olympus ORBEYE 4K 3D orbital camera system in 250+ neurosurgical cases.

Smart Operating Room Solutions

ORBEYE’s compact design allows for quick one-person sterile draping and easy transportation between operating rooms. Due to its versatile design, ORBEYE can be used as a visualization tool for numerous surgical specialties and procedures and is ready for use in just a few minutes.

  • Easy draping.
  • Applicable for various specialties.
  • Plug and play.
  • Easy transportation.

Explore ORBEYE

Are you interested in experiencing the ORBEYE 4K 3D system? Request more information or a live demonstration and an Olympus consultant will contact you.

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