Tokyo, 02/06/2024 | Press Release | Company Elevating Culture: Olympus Unveils New Core Values Aligned to Global MedTech Leadership

Olympus Corporation (Olympus), a global MedTech company committed to making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling, unveils its refreshed core values, which will guide and align the company and its employees toward its global MedTech leadership. Moving forward, the company will prioritize “Patient Focus,” “Integrity,” “Innovation,” “Impact,” and “Empathy” in order to adapt to Olympus’ current pure-play MedTech business model, address pressing challenges, and align with the requirements of the evolving medical industry landscape.

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Olympus’ refreshed core values

The refreshed core values leverage the feedback from multiple employee interviews, workshops, and other forms of input to reflect the necessary behaviors and mindset required from each employee in order to position Olympus as a leading global MedTech company. Through this update, the company is including “Patient Focus,” “Innovation,” and “Impact” as its new priorities, while “Integrity” and “Empathy,” which have been a part of Olympus’ original core values, will continue to be key to the company’s growth.

Olympus established its first set of core values in 2018 as a model for employee behavior, providing guardrails for decision-making required to achieve the company’s long-term strategy, address current challenges, and drive efficient ways of working. Since then, Olympus has transformed into a pure-play MedTech company and increased its global presence. In light of these changes and the challenges that have arisen as a result, the company needed to reconsider its priorities and what behaviors it expected from its employees.

To learn more about Olympus’ core values, visit the Corporate Philosophy page.



Claudia Schanz

Senior Communications Manager
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