Hamburg, 03/03/2020 | Press Release | Camera & Audio Olympus introduces several audio recorder kits for video, interview situations and podcasting

New LS-P1 / LS-P4 kits include accessories for different use cases

To specifically cater to the needs of up-and-coming video creators, journalists and podcasters, Olympus launches several new LS sound recorder kits. All kits include a compact & lightweight Olympus LS-P1 or LS-P4 linear PCM recorder and further accessories for different use cases – all selected to secure a maximum in mobility, flexibility and exceptional sound quality in the final product. The new Olympus sound recorder kits are available now at selected retailers starting at RRPs1 of 139,99 EUR.

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01_Videographer Kit

The Olympus LS series is renowned for its compact, sleek design and exceptional sound quality – both the LS-P1 and the LS-P4 belong to the smallest Hi-Res audio recorders in their class. Offering better-than-CD quality recording allowing for a frequency spectrum of up to 20Hz - 20kHz2, the devices ensure a rich stereophonic sound.

When it gets loud, the capability of handling sound pressure levels (SPL) of up to 120dB without clipping as well as the acclaimed Olympus noise cancelling system come into play.

All Olympus LS devices can achieve a near perfect sampling rate of up to 96 kHz/24-Bit sound PCM, WAV or MP3 format while the LS-P4 also supports FLAC recording and playback.

Slim and compact devices for always taking along: the LS devices bring together high sound quality with ultimate ease of use and flexibility – making them the ideal companions for on the go.

Videographer kit: For filmmakers, vloggers and YouTube creators

Superior sound makes any video better. The LS-P1 or LS-P4 videographer kit lets filmmakers, YouTube enthusiasts and vloggers experience the sound quality and versatility that the Olympus LS Series is renowned for.

When capturing sound for video, the LS recorder may be used as separate hand-held device or, utilizing the included hot shoe adapter and 3.5mm cable, as gun microphone on top of the camera to save on synchronization efforts in post-production. The included windshield offers protection from wind noises when filming outdoors.

With the new firmware Version 1.10 for the LS-P4, a Slate Tone function has been added to make sound file editing easier, while the new Test Tone feature supports users in adjusting the recording level.

Interviewer kit: Easy and crisp recording of two speakers

Besides the LS sound recorder, this kit includes two lavalier microphones and a dual 3.5mm TSF stereo breakout cable to allow for hands-free recording in an interview situation and to record two separate speakers at the same time and ease the post-production process.

For multi-use purposes, the LS-P1 is now also available as “lavalier kit” that includes only one lavalier microphone and the sound recorder.

Podcaster kit: The perfect choice to start a podcast channel

The podcaster kit includes an USB cable, a windshield and a flexible mini tripod on top of the LS device. Podcasters can record their audio directly in the recorder with the mini tripod for hands-free use, or directly in the computer using included USB connection cable. The windshield protects against wind noises when recording outdoors while the adjustable tripod is the ideal accessory to isolate noise and vibration.

Lavalier kit: Multi-purpose kit for vlogs, interviews and more

For multi-use purposes, the LS-P1 is also available as “lavalier kit” that includes one lavalier microphone and the sound recorder. The lavalier microphone features an omni-directional capsule with 100hz to 10,000hz frequency response which makes it perfect for capturing crystal clear spoken audio for vlogs and YouTubers but also in interview situations.

Availability & pricing

All new Olympus LS-P1 and LS-P4 kits are available now at selected retailers at the following RRPs: 139,99 EUR (LS-P1 Lavalier kit), 149,99 EUR (LS-P1 Podcaster kit), 154,99 EUR (LS-P1 Interviewer Kit), 159,99 EUR (LS-P1 Video Kit), 214,99 EUR (Podcaster kit including the LS-P4) and 219,99 EUR (Videographer and Interviewer kit including the LS-P4).



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